The first proper The Juan Maclean album in five years, ‘In a Dream’ marks the latest evolution of one of DFA’s longest-serving stalwarts. After the bits and pieces stop-gap of 2011’s strictly-digital release, ‘Everybody Will Come’, this new LP has a more coherent vision, even if it is a long-play version of a Sunday trawl through Ikea. A combination of subdued ’80s beats and Nancy Whang’s indifferent vocals, it’s a big departure from the lively techno, and acid-tinged work, of 2009’s ‘The Future Will Come’.

Where ‘A Place Called Space’ promises a marauding, Giorgio Moroder disco odyssey, ‘I’ve Waited So Long’ feels cold and detached; when ‘Charlotte’ threatens to get lively with some nifty handclaps, ‘A Simple Design’ spins with the vivacity of a broken glitter ball. Billed as the ‘Nancy Show’, Whang’s vocals lack the boisterous edge that made her previous turns stand out, and coupled with cowed production, and a devastating lack of energy, it would take a hell of a fire to get this disco started.