Introducing Psychic Markers and their debut album, to be released on Cassette Store Day via Marshall Teller Records


Cassette Store Day is coming, on 27 September 2014, to be exact, when a whole bunch of indie labels will celebrate the format of the cassette by releasing a whole host of limited tapes.

One such label is London’s Marshall Teller, who’ll be putting out the debut album from Psychic Markers, a new group formed from members of Still Corners, Grass House, Winter Drones and Great Ytene.

The full collection of deep vocal tracks paired with coastal guitars is called ‘Scrapbook No. 1’, and Marshall Teller have given us this opening number to share with you, reminiscent of the first album by Crystal Stilts.

Psychic Markers play the Old Blue Last with Keel Her and Warhammer on Cassette Store Day.

A full list of releases from the day can be found here.