If Suicideyear, aka emerging Baton Rouge-based producer James Prudhomme, had dropped ‘Remembrance’ a couple of years ago it would have been quickly leapt upon and filed as a shining example of that thankfully abortive attempt at a microgenre that was Witch House. Luckily, it’s 2014 and we can enjoy this for what it is; a sumptuous 8-track collection of shimmering synth-pad soundscapes, soaring arpeggios and razor sharp, syncopated hip-hop beats, which demonstrates from start to finish that Prudhomme possesses that uncanny knack of breathing emotion into sounds produced by machines.

Recent forebears include Balam Acab and Holy Other, and tracks like ‘Caroline’ and ‘Daniel’ draw on that same textural and structural palette as they build slowly, moving gradually forward before off-beat drum machines burst into life like fireworks. Elsewhere, ‘Hope Building A’ and the LP’s title track recall early Warp and Rephlex, marrying ambience and abrasiveness beautifully, while ‘U S’ and ‘I Don’t Care About Death Because I Smoke’ tap into the recent bent towards hip-hop-influenced electronic bombast. All in all, ‘Remembrance’ is nothing less than a transcendent experience.