Marching bands and indie rock might make for unlikely bedfellows but Shara Worden doesn’t seem to care. The Detroit-based singer, multi-instrumentalist and Sufjan Stevens associate has spent the best part of a decade restlessly navigating through pop’s more esoteric reaches, bringing to bear her musical background in classical, jazz and the avant-garde along the way.

Picking up where 2011’s artfully cinematic ‘All Things Will Unwind’ left off, Worden’s fifth release recalls its predecessor’s lush arrangements but is a much more immediate affair. From the marching drum intro of ‘Pressure’ through to the mid-tempo groove of ‘Shape’ and rolling rhythm of ‘Resonance’, ‘This Is My Hand’ is a study in the possibilities of percussion. All the more ironic that the most powerful instrument on the record is still Worden’s own larynx, then; her soaring operatic range glides above all, particularly the chilly synthesised highs of otherworldly closer ‘Apparition’. The result is an astonishing climax to an album on which the other nine tracks don’t quite scale those heights, but get pretty close.