For fans of first-album MGMT as Vampire Weekend, here’s Fever The Ghost, a new band from LA who are putting fun back into psych pop

Fever The Ghost – a new, silly psych pop band from Los Angeles – released their debut EP, the ludicrously titled ‘Crab In Honey’, a few months ago in the US.

It’s about to get a release over here in the UK and Europe, also, via a new deal with Heavenly, who’ll put out the 5-track disc on September 29th.

For fans of pre-‘serious’ MGMT and carefree Vampire Weekend, it’s a surefire hit, and when searching the Internet in order to share lead track ‘Calico’ with you all, we came across this colourful new video, of too much flesh and too much neon. It’s nice to see a band having a bit of a fun again.