How do the words ‘double album’ make you feel? Excited? Apprehensive? Does your heart leap in anticipation, or sink with weary resignation? Let’s face it, there have been very few albums in the history of rock music that actually had the quality necessary to sustain themselves, and their listeners, across two discs. Foxygen are the kind of pscyh-pop peddlers, perhaps, who’d be inclined to produce an album of this length, but ‘… And Star Power’ seems destined to join that pile of double disc-ers clearly marked ‘self-indulgent’.

The album seems fundamentally lacking in originality – single ‘How Can You Really’ is engaging, melodic pop with a sixties vibe, summer highway cruising music, cool and hooky, but it’s also one of those songs which could have been released at any point between circa 1966 and yesterday. Meanwhile, ‘Cosmic Vibrations’ is almost a parody of its own name, and ‘Wally’s Farm’ is hopelessly meandering.

There’s little enough here to fill one disc, let alone two, and what is here could have been dug up from a time capsule. It’s genuinely mystifying why in 2014 a band would wish to make a record so backwards looking and so shamelessly retro; if this is the era of music you love, then why not just play sixties pscyhedelia classics in a covers band?

Of course, the same can be said of Foxygen’s last LP, but at least ‘… Peace and Magic’ felt tightly edited rather than misguidedly ‘free-form’.


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