Wampire are the perfect example of that strange post-millennial breed of bands who seem to exist with the sole modus operandi of throwing post irony at facsimiles of their influences. They did it on their debut LP, ‘Curiosity’, and, a little over 12 months later, they’ve done it again.

If everything from ’60s psychedelia to ’80s yacht rock was filtered through their lo-fi cassette tape production on that album, they’ve trained the crosshair of their retro Super Soaker on something even more specific with ‘Bazaar’. In fact, it feels like they’ve got their hands on The Traveling Wilburys’ Best Of and simply worked back from there.

‘Fly On The Wall’ and ‘Life Of Luxury’, for example, do a solid job of exhuming the late-80s supergroup for one final encore, and it doesn’t stop there. ‘Bad Attitude’ and ‘Sticking Out’ are Tom Petty heartland rock reproductions, while ‘Too Stoned’ and ‘Millennials’ are perfect duplicates of Jeff Lynne’s idiosyncratic sci-fi pop. In an era of streaming immediacy, it begs to question why you would sit through ‘Bazaar’ rather than revisiting any of its constituent touchstones.


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