Issuu, the guys we host the digital version of L&Q through, have launched a new iOS app for Apple users, which makes our online edition look sharper than ever


Okay. This is starting to get a little complicated, but we’ve always wanted as many people to read Loud And Quiet as possible – without having to put their hand in their pocket – and now there’s another (third) way to view all of our issues for free.

First – and best – is the physical paper we produce each month. You can pick up a copy from your local stockist, listed here.

They do go quick, though, and once they’re gone, they’re gone, so a year or so back we made all of our mags available to read here on the site, in a virtual reader powered by issuu.

That’s still the case, and if you’re reading your L&Q Digital on a computer, you’re good to go. It works perfectly fine on devices, too, but we quickly noticed that when zooming in to read text on an iPad etc., the image slightly distorts. Maybe it doesn’t enough for you to care, in which case, as you were. But if it’s been getting you down, there is now a final solution, as issuu has launched a new iOS app that makes Loud And Quiet (and all other titles they host) super sharp.

Just search for it on the Apple Store to check it out, and hopefully they’ll have an Android version live soon also.

Public Service Announcement over.