You have to give it to Weezer for naming the first song to be heard from their ninth studio album ‘Back To The Shack’. After years of disappointment, it would have provided a glimmer of hope for even their most disillusioned fans. Lyrically it hits the mark too, full of promises old fans will want to hear as the chorus goes: “Take me back, back to the shack, Back to the strat with the lightning strap.” Later Rivers Cuomo sings: “Rockin out like it’s ‘94”.

Unfortunately, put in context with the rest of album, though, it is more of a grand marketing master plan to sell a bunch of records than a genuine attempt from the band to come full circle.

Inevitably, it may not be the raw and emotional sound of 1990s Weezer, but it is also a whole lot better than the painstakingly cringe stuff Cuomo and his band have served up in recent years.

‘Eulogy For A Rock Band’, for example, is a charming ode to retiring rock bands that sits alongside some of the group’s most melodic moments, while the ambitious closing three-piece-suite of ‘The Waste Land’, ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Return to Ithaca’ is a more tasteful experiment than ‘We Can’t Stop Partying’, their 2009 collaboration with Lil’ Wayne.

Ultimately though, that title looks like it’s going to come back and bite them, because ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’ simply doesn’t live up to it’s reassuring name.


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