London based dance label and Italian DJ Riccio have teamed up to ‘You Can’t Fight It’, a rare track from Assault On Precinct 13


London-based dance label Fly By Night Music have spent the last year or so tracking down those responsible for a super rare track that appears in the Italian release of John Carpenter’s cult classic Assault on Precinct 13.

In Italy, the movie is called Distretto 13, and features a vocal version of its main theme music, which plays over the end credit, but doesn’t appear in any other version of the film.

Italian DJ Riccio became obsessed with the track, which it turns out was written by Carpenter and Kenny Lynch, and performed by British singer Jimmy Chambers. He made his own edit, forgot about it for a few years and then eventually passed it onto Fly By Night, who, after being passed from pillar to post, secured permission to release the original version of ‘You Can’t Fight It’, backed by Riccio’s ‘Rerub’ mix.

The record comes out on November 10th, on a limited run of 10″ vinyl only (with download code), and while stocks last pre-orders are available with limited T-shirts, shown above.

A launch party for the record is happening at Brilliant Corners, Dalston, London, on November 5th.