We Are Shining have been in the studio with Kanye West and have co-written a song with FKA Twigs. They’re big names in 2014, but they don’t really need to be dropped in WAS’s case, not when they have at their disposal a fiery melting pot of psychedelia, soul, tribal beats, hip hop and electronica. That eclectic array of influences may look a bit overwhelming, but duo Morgan and Acyde manage to expertly weave them in and out of their refreshing songs.

The bluesy Hendrix-esque guitar licks and stomping beat on ‘Road’ is a chaotic lift off, ‘In The Moment’ is a hedonistic psychedelic gem, and album finale ‘Wheel’ expertly captures the sense of fun that this album oozes. With the exception of ‘Breaks’, which is strangely devoid of the energy and charisma the rest of the album possesses, this production duo have defied the current trend of their peers and created a multi-dimensional debut that wants to be loved. Usually having music bubbling with too many ideas is a band’s downfall, but somehow We Are Shining manage to get away with it.


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