The first track on Luke Wyatt’s third album as Torn Hawk (a project inspired by a love of indie flick soundtracks) is surprisingly idyllic; the drum machines and guitar work glisten alongside each other on ‘I’m Flexible’ creating a climax that evokes a glorious sunset. It is a million miles away from the harsh sounds you’d expect from an album called ‘Let’s Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time’. Fear not, though – if you’re a gym freak who likes a good old weep, the rest of the album toys with darker and more desolate soundscapes, best achieved on ‘Because of M.A.S.K’ and ‘Under Wolf Rule’ that prod at you with their abrasive and grinding sounds.

The vast noises that Wyatt conjures up are initially difficult to digest, and although once it has been fully absorbed it has some fascinating moments, ‘Let’s Cry…’ doesn’t convincingly manipulate your emotions like a very memorable instrumental album needs to. Contrary to Luke Wyatt’s aim, it is hard to fully invest yourself or shed a tear to this third Torn Hawk album.


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