Fugazi are releasing their very first demo, from 1988. Here’s a taster.


Before post-hardcore group Fugazi released their debut EP in 1988, they passed around a 10-track demo that they had recorded after just 10 live shows together.

Until now, only ‘In Defense of Humans’ has been released (on 1989 compilation ‘State of The Union’), but next month, on 18 November 2014, Dischord will release the demo in full, with the edition of ‘Turn Off Your Guns’, also recorded in ’88 but omitted from the original demo.

Here’s ‘Merchandise’ from the record.

1) Waiting Room
2) Merchandise
3) Furniture
4) Song #1
5) The Word
6) Bad Mouth
7) Break-In
8) Turn Off Your Guns
9) And the Same
10) In Defense of Humans
11) Joe #1