Guitarist for Mikal Cronin’s band and bass player in Ty Segall’s Fuzz project, Chad Ubovich is something of a go-to musician for psychedelic rock. Meatbodies sees him step out of the shadows to beat us round the head with a debut album of lung busting party rock released on L.A’s legendary garage label In The Red Label.

It’s a record bursting with gristly guitar and ineloquent vocals chomping away over fat, RSI inducing riffs. ‘Mountain’ is composed of a seismic bass rumble padded out with lysergically chugging power chords and fuck loads of cymbal, while ‘Him’ delivers a torrent of sludgy guitar, poured over the odd sunshine psych reference à la White Fence. ‘Tremmors’ is heavier still and by the time you get to ‘Gold’ you realise that Meatbodies are a group perennially on the offensive. The first real switch in tempo comes in ‘Two’, a full nine songs in to the album.

Eventually ‘Dark Road’ sees Chad slurring out a confession of insanity as shit finally gets real. It’s an album that demands attention, but unfortunately not for its variety.


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