Striking a pleasing amalgamation between gut-screech noise, acid-bleed walls of gloopy psych and transfixing (almost tribal) rhythmic propulsions is no easy feat but Gum Takes Tooth have created such a potent concoction of these elements on ‘Mirrors Fold’ that it almost feels coldly scientific in its near perfect end potion. Yet that would of course ignore all the wonderfully human, earthly components that make up this record (although the busted-up spaceship hurtling towards its own death sonics are a constant, juddering blast).

The record’s breadth is vast, it has punch and vigour yet it has space and tranquillity, and the ground it traverses and hovers over is just as interesting and exploratory. It reels in the occasionally unrelenting, blistering ferocity of the group’s live performances for something far more suited to the album format – it’s a complete, poised and balanced recording. Any record that can, on occasion, sound like Lighting Bolt locked in a room being forced to collaborate with Amon Düül, with Death Grips on production, is well worth your time.


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