In 2010, ‘Swim’ set a glorious benchmark for Caribou and Dan Snaith. It was a confident step away from the ambient grandiosity of previous releases and an album characterised by staggering clarity. Each track felt beautifully defined; mini labours of love that were buffeted, polished and left absolutely pristine, and ‘Our Love’ is another similarly striking step forward.

Channelling the minimal energy of ‘Swim’, the dark corners of ‘Jiaolong’ and the grab-bag spirit of B2B sets with Kieran Hebden, ‘Our Love’ is a sparse, soulful collection of songs that exist on the dancefloor’s edge. From weary, blossoming shades of RnB on the slowed BPM of ‘Second Chance’ and the heartbreaking bump of ‘Dive’ to the blooming, sad synth hug of ‘Silver’, there’s a sense of space that comes through in Snaith’s echoing vocal and uncluttered arrangements.

By Snaith’s intricate standards, it’s a meticulous simplicity that helps ‘Julia Brightly’ radiate ‘Swim’’s beaming warmth, and allows his tentative falsetto on the hushed delicacy of ‘Back Home’ to find new, tremulous depth. Built to last, ‘Our Love’ is another Caribou album set for repeat.


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