Released last week on a limited run of cassettes, Marshall Teller Records have allowed us to post the debut album by Psychic Markers


The latest release to come from our friends at Marshall Teller Records is the debut album from Psychic Markers, a group made up of band members from London groups Still Corners, Grass House, Great Ytene and Winter Drone.

MT put out ‘Scrapbook No.1’ on Cassette Store Day, on September 27th, and there are still a few copies of its limited cassette tape pressing available here.

It’s also available on iTunes, and below you can stream the whole thing.

Grass House guitarist Steven Dove – who is on vocal duty with Psychic Markers – says of the group:

“We’d all spoken about doing this project for ages but never managed to sync our diaries and decided it was easier to record it sporadically. So one weekend we’d record a couple of songs, then meet up a month or two later to mix and maybe work on another one etc. It’s a record full of ideas and has come out quite diverse, hence it’s title – Scrapbook 1. The plan is to do another one in a similar manner as we’ve had a lot of fun doing this one, it’s a pleasure to make music with your buddies.”