In her own little corner of the world – both musically and geographically – Merrisa Campbell has already enjoyed plenty of success; her debut album, ‘Playin Me’, did something genuinely different with UK garage and, accordingly, won her recognition beyond Brixton, where she’s long since been a fixture in the area’s house scene. This follow-up has the potential to make a breakthrough into public consciousness, even if ‘Wait ‘Til Night’ still plays, in large, like a record that might have been fit for the radio back when the likes of Aaliyah were dictating the modern R&B scene.

Perhaps predictably, there’s tracks that nudge towards Blood Orange-style ‘indie R&B’ (‘Like a Woman Should’, especially), but elsewhere Campbell blends a consistent dubstep sensibility to her beats with icily-delivered, detached vocal lines and an admirable desire to play around stylistically. It doesn’t always work (‘Dancing’ features jarring electric guitars and the hugely minimalist ‘Want’ meanders), but there’s still more than enough on this overtly sexual record to keep Cooly G’s star on the rise.


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