Golden Fable must be every park ranger’s favourite band. The Snowdonia trio’s dream pop easily evokes the picturesque scenery of their local landscapes – so much so I reckon they are National Trust approved. Their second album, ‘Ancient Blue’, largely draws upon the same palette of organic folk music and assortment of electronic synths that their debut, ‘Star Map’, did, but while Rebecca Palin’s angelic voice and the serene instrumentation may intertwine cleverly enough, this new album lacks any real substance.

It is a polite, pleasant and gentle collection of predictable songs that wash over you without offering any lasting impression. Quite rightly, Palin’s vocals have earned comparisons to Elizabeth Frazer’s distinctive delivery, but where Cocteau Twins were capable of crafting bold, otherworldly soundscapes (as were Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil, who are also notable influences here), Golden Fable simply can’t. It is hard to invest yourself in an album that sounds like a bunch of offcuts from a John Lewis advert.