Although The Adverts wouldn’t be a pointless answer on the BBC game show if contestants were quizzed on British punk bands, they’d earn you a much lower score than The Sex Pistols or The Clash. One of the main factors contributing to this may be their short-lived career; still their former frontman, TV Smith, has managed to carve out a long solo career for himself.

On this sixteenth solo album, Smith shows that he is as politically charged as ever as he lyrically explores social issues of the modern day on appropriately named tracks such as ‘Cutbacks’, ‘First One To Sign Up’ and ‘It Don’t Work’. Unfortunately though, these themes are set amongst chugging drive-friendly acoustic rock that has more than a whiff of the material served up at a local boozers open mic night about it. While ‘I Delete’ sadly can’t be erased from your memory with copious amounts of alcohol consumption, the weird contrast between meaningful lyrics and naff music luckily makes it very forgettable anyway.


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