There is an undeniably Broadcast-meets-Stereolab-shaped cloud that hangs over much of ‘Measures of Joy’ but often, like those same groups at their most playful and experimental, there is a lovely, wriggling sense of never sitting still for too long; fleeing away from any immediate comparative grasp you attempt to place on them. Virginia Wing appear open in their influences but project a refusal to be defined by them. They float through genres as frequently as they do tempos and constantly create thick shades of atmospheres that weave between eerie billows and echoes to warm fogs of colour and bustling life.

The album cover is a wonderfully apt representation and projection of the record: abstract, absorbing, complex and something that can appear full of life and vivacity in one moment, yet quickly turn to minimalism, isolation and a reflective and contained feeling of alienation and seclusion. ‘Measure of Joy’ is a piece of noir-pop majesty that constantly pushes its own boundaries and frequently shatters the listeners’ sense of expectation.


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