It’s probably fair to say that the grime scene isn’t what it used to be, although that’s not necessarily a criticism; the genuine innovators of the movement needed to find a way to distance the tag from the rappers who had gone on to release commercial drivel after promising starts as underground artists. Accordingly, one of the genre’s most promising new proponents is actually making the sort of music that bears little superficial comparison to the records that the Dizzee Rascals and Wileys of the world were making; Miles Mitchell has generated some feverish press attention with his downtempo instrumentals for a while now, and ‘Parallel Memories’ is his full-length debut.

As a body of work, it’s impressively cohesive; the mood, dark and often foreboding, is consistent right the way through, and his beats are as minimalist as ever. This is an album that very much goes at its own pace; it’s so slow, in fact, that at times it feels

longer than its actual duration – ‘Sweet Boy Code’, in particular, which features a brooding turn from Dark0, seems to run much longer than just two minutes twenty-seven. That’s kind of the problem with ‘Parallel Memories’ – its minimalist restraint means that it gets repetitive pretty quickly, although there’s more than enough here to suggest a seriously bright future for Mr. Mitch, especially if he can pace things better next time around.


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