Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs have renamed themselves The Voyeurs. This isn’t a bold reinvention though. Despite shedding his name from the bands’, ‘Rhubarb Rhubarb’, just like their debut, is dominated by Charlie Boyer’s uncontrollable, quiver. It also draws upon a similar palate of ’70s music to their debut, with a combination of glam rock jams (‘Train To Minsk’ and ‘Stunners’) and slower foggier moments (‘May You Will Stop’ and ‘The Smiling Loon’).

While The Voyeurs continue to competently conjure up their own concoction of psychedelic music, it isn’t brain frazzling or mind-bendingly good enough to enable you to ignore the undecipherable stories that Boyer sings about (At one point he sings about “feeding the ducks” followed by “images of being in love”). ‘Clarietta’ was a solid debut with some promising moments; the brightest of these were the band’s menacing post-punk stomps that strutted along confidently, and it is these that are missing from their follow-up. Pursuing a more trippy sound has left The Voyeurs lost without their playful pomp.