‘Songs’. It’s the most simplistic of titles; the most basic of descriptions. One that you would be forgiven for assuming contains a certain amount of irony, wielded by some experimental noise band with a wry sense of humour. However, as the title of Deptford Goth’s second album it seems not only fitting, but sincere. Here are eleven tracks, meticulously assembled as a celebration of simplicity, where vocals, synth and shuffling beats are pieced together slowly and in varying orders to give a lesson in minimalist sculpture.

Whereas ‘Life After Defo’ was smoky, ‘Songs’ is warm and bright throughout. ‘Lovers’ is like an early morning How To Dress Well, with pastoral and poetic lyrics on the unity of family while ‘Code’ is similarly optimistic, percussion scuffing its feet through a yearning elegy on being human. It could all be a bit depressing, but somehow even the repetition of “soon you will be dust” on ‘Dust’ sounds oddly life-affirming. This is an album from an artist who has made peace with the world, and it is all the better for it.


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