The Drink’s PR team were granted an absolute open goal when putting together the press release for this debut record; the fact that they became the first unsigned band in Rough Trade history to have their EP’s stocked by the legendary London store is a neat nugget with which to introduce the band, but you wonder whether that might actually become a little bit of a hindrance to them – remember when The Boxer Rebellion made it into the charts whilst unsigned? Course you do. Remember what they did next? Probably not.

It might be best, then, for The Drink to make their music their focal point, but that might be difficult on the evidence of ‘Company’; there’s plenty of good ideas here, but they’re messily executed. The guitars seem to be working against Dearbhla Minogue’s floatily-delivered vocal on ‘Beasts are Sleeping’, whilst on ‘Junkyard’ it’s the stuttering percussion that grates. Ultimately, ‘Company’’s too repetitive to really demand your attention; ‘Bantamweight’ is probably the standout track, and the title’s a not-unreasonable summation of the album, too.


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