‘Upright Behaviour’ is an album bursting at the seams. A carnival of melodies dip and dart like angry birds, time signatures change with the unpredictability of the DeLorean speedo and Adam Schatz’ yelp leads the parade. Greedily pulling everything into a shifting art-rock din, every track is an adventure, and packing in the theatrics, ambition and intelligence the way Schatz manages to must be exhausting. If it is, he doesn’t show it.

Opener, ‘Above My Ground’ is playful, dramatic, and simmering with soul – its marching snares and rolling bass providing the insistent backdrop to Schatz’ barks and pleads. Bent with a skewed darkness, title-track, ‘Upright Behaviour’ comes off like a better adjusted version of the pAper chAse, as Schatz’ contrasting theatrics writhe with the similarly wired energy of John Congleton’s monochrome nightmares. It’s a flash of dischord that lets the death and loneliness of the subject matter briefly surface. But in the face of ambitious arrangements and endearing hooks, by the time ‘X-Ray Machine’ blasts the album to a buzzing, lo-fi close, Landlady have already charmed you with their wonderful racket.


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