Listening to ‘Fantastic Planet’ it comes as no surprise to learn that Noveller is the nom de musique of Sarah Lipstate, a Brooklynite former short filmmaker. Lipstate’s eighth release is the soundtrack to her own imaginary movie; one perhaps set in the Alaskan wilderness or amidst the fjords and mountains of Scandinavia. The album is more a series of glacially-paced movements than it is a simple bunch of songs, its icy instrumental soundscapes recalling things like David Julyan’s work on the Insomnia score.

Where Lipstate distinguishes herself is in the prominence she affords her own feedback-drenched guitar play, no doubt emboldened from recent stints performing with New York no wave luminaries Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham and Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo. For every lush reverie like ‘No Unholy Mountain’, there’s an abrasive counterpart lurking around the corner; the serrated edges of ‘Pulse Point’ shredding through any hitherto induced daydreams. To be sure, this is no pop record, though for the cinematically-inclined it is a truly widescreen experience.


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