Former Crass frontman Steve Ignorant can quote a majority of Withnail & I, could live on chips alone and wishes he could drive a car. We know this because he filled in our Getting To Know You questionnaire


While Crass were doing more than their bit for politicised punk music in the late ’70s and early ’80s, few would have thought their vitriolic singer capable of the acoustic music he’s now making with new band Slice Of Life, who release their contemplative debut album ‘Love And A Lamp-post’ this month

The best piece of advice you’ve been given

‘If you’re drinking and driving make sure you’ve got a car.’

Your favourite word

Godverdomme, which is Dutch for god damn it.

Your pet-hate

CD/DVD plastic packaging because it’s impossible to remove the discs without putting your fingers all over it.

If you could only eat one food forever, it would be…


The worst job you’ve had

Collecting broken photocopy machines accompanied by a diabetic who refused to take his medication.

The film you can quote the most of

Withnail and I.

Favourite place in the world

Sea Palling, Norfolk.

Your style icon

Harold Steptoe.

The one song you wished you’d written

Alfie by Burt Bacharach.

The most famous person you’ve met


The thing you’d rescue from a burning building

Either people or animals.

The worst date you’ve been on

I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad date, but once I was asked by a friend to meet a bloke who wanted to interview me about Crass and he turned out to be a complete nutter.

Your guilty pleasure

Watching re-runs of On The Buses.

The worst birthday or Christmas present you’ve received

An Action Man figure that wasn’t the real Action Man but the inferior one that had a squashy head.

The characteristic you most like about yourself

My ability to listen to other people.

Your hidden talent

Cracking my knuckles.

Your favourite item of clothing

My hat.

Your biggest disappointment

Seeing the Sex Pistols at Hammersmith. I don’t think it was their fault, it was just one of those gigs that we all have where it just don’t do it.

The celebrity that pisses you off most even though you’ve never met them


Your biggest fear

That the only pub in my village closes down.

The best book in the world

Kes by Barry Haines.

Who would play you in a film of your life?

A very young Tom Courteney (Billy Liar).

What is success to you?

Being able to eat vegetarian food in pubs and restaurants.

What talent do you wish you had?

Drive a car.

How do you want to die?


What is the most overrated thing in the world?


What would you change about your physical appearance?

My wrists, they are too thin to wear a watch.

What’s your biggest turn-off?


What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

Take it easy but take it.

Your best piece of advice for others

Don’t listen to advice from tw.


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