There are so many mysterious knob-twiddlers operating in their bedrooms in London that it’s a surprise the whole city isn’t drowning in the foggy ambience they emit. Ghost Culture is different from the crowd though, not least because he has signed to Erol Alkan’s revered Phantasy Sound label and played a pivotal role in the writing of Daniel Avery’s 2013 standout album, ‘Drone Logic’.

Instead of trying to maintain a shadowy identity, James Greenwood has let eerie sounds manifest themselves into the corners of his album, rather than his image. Carrying on from the success and momentum of his early singles, he’s been able to create a gloriously varied album that still manages to sound completely cohesive. ‘Ghost Culture’ has its feet grooving away on the dance floor (‘Answer’, ‘Lucky’ and ‘Glass’), while its heart and head are longing for the isolation of the bedroom it was created in (‘Glaciers’ and ‘The Fog’), and it’s the way the euphoria and emotive moodiness seamlessly co-exist that makes this such an accomplished debut album.


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