“I’m the guy who blew it.” Full marks to Brian Christinzio for honesty, even if it’s not immediately clear what it is he’s telling us the truth about.

What is clear, at least, is that he had a tumultuous time after releasing two full-length albums under his own name near enough a decade ago – ‘Run, Hide Away’ was his debut in 2005, and ‘Blink of a Nihilist’ followed it up in 2007. Apparently considering himself to be on “one last chance” a few years later, he left his native Philadelphia for what I, having been born and raised there, would consider to be the altogether less forgiving surroundings of Manchester – self-pity doesn’t tend to go over all that well in my hometown.

Just as well, then, that as BC Camplight, Christinzio largely let his music do the talking. Clever pop songs flecked with eccentricity are the order of the day, with ‘Atom Bomb’ and ‘Grim Cinema’ serving as sharp examples of the album’s emotionally intense undertow. It’s an awkward listen much of the time, occasionally to a fault but frequently endearing in the process.