Julie Campbell shares details of her new, second record. Listen to ‘Bunkerpop’ now, the first track to come from ‘Hinterland’


Julie Campbell – otherwise known as LoneLady – will follow up her 2014 single ‘Groove It Out’ with her second LP (itself following 2010’s ‘Nerve Up’) on 23 March 2015 via Warp Records.

Today Campbell has posted lead single ‘Bunkerpop’ (below), which continues LoneLady’s exploration into a word of post-industrial pop and disco.

01. Into The Cave
02. Bunkerpop
03. Hinterland
04. Groove It Out
05. (I Can See) Landscapes
06. Silvering
07. Flee!
08. Red Scrap
09. Mortar Remembers You