Francisco The Man sure like to drag things out. After a turbulent seven years of lineup changes, hiatuses and an apparent near death experience, the Californian four piece finally release their debut mission statement ‘Loose Ends’, and luckily it’s worth the wait.

A garage rock band only out of necessity, their melodies stretch far beyond the genre’s reverb and fuzz and are put together sweat-free and with precision. Whether turning their guitars to Apples In Stereo pop-punk (‘It’s Not Your Fault’) or Surfer Blood beach-rock (‘In The Corners’), the songs flow with ease, and occasionally extend calmly to over 8 minutes. The album also benefits from Scotty Cantino’s slurred, semi-androgynous vocals; think Jana Hunter meets Kurt Vile. On ‘Loaded’ his voice floats blissfully along on subdued shoegaze tones while on ‘In My Dreams’ it bends and twangs over a sonic hinterland of lush guitar interplay. With tracks like this, Francisco The Man have their sights set firmly on indie heavyweight status.