There’s a new Mikal Cronin album coming, on May 4th, courtesy of Merge. Here’s ‘MCIII”s lead single, ‘Make My Mind Up’


Mikal Cronin – a man who spent a fair bit of time in the shadow of Ty Segall, playing in his bands – has already proved himself as a solo musician, first with his 2011 debut album, ‘Mikal Cronin’, and especially with its excellent follow up, ‘MCII’, in 2013.

And yet the newly announced ‘MCIII’ (released 4 May 2005 via Merge) is the multi-instrumentalist’s most brazen attempt to “go big”, as he puts it.

The idea, one imagines, is to replicate the indie success of The War On Drugs in 2014, via a larger nod to The Shins, over Springsteen. He might just be on to something, too.

Here’s lead single ‘Made My Mind Up’.