Suckers for gnarly rock anthems with choruses that lollop into view like great dopey St. Bernard’s, rejoice! Leeds supergroup Menace Beach are the latest union of motley slackers to unleash a record that’s brimming with belch-along refrains and hi-octane thrills. The project’s stellar line-up (a revolving cast, including members of Hookworms, Sky Larkin and Pulled Apart By Horses) infuses influences from both sides of the Atlantic, from Blur’s early, scuzzy Britpop hedonism to Pavement, Pixies and the usual crowd.

‘Tastes Like Medicine’ is their giddy racket at its most memorable; a looming whir and hooks, hooks, hooks, trashily canoodle during its sub three minutes, making it a tough one to shake. Elsewhere, however, their singular vision and peer similarity veers only just shy of irksome. The title track steps a little awkwardly on the toes of B-town’s Superfood, while ‘Fortune Teller’ sounds like LA garage punks FIDLAR gone flaccid. Still, for the most part, you’ll be too busy bouncing around your bedroom to give a shit about that.


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