Curtis Harding isn’t your standard throwback musician. Although ‘Soul Power’, his debut solo album, is unsurprisingly built upon a foundation of ’70s soul and R&B (predictably creating a fan in Jack White), it is given an exciting twist to the usual nostalgic fare.

As a child, the Michigan-born, Atlanta-based artist sang gospel music alongside his mum and more recently featured in CeeLo Green’s backing band, so, as you’d expect, his vocals are sublime throughout ‘Soul Power’. His warm singing interlinks perfectly with the classic instrumentation on ‘Next Time’ and disco funk of ‘Heaven’s On The Other Side’, his voice also adds smoke fire to the stomping rock that features on ‘The Drive’ and ‘Drive My Car’, whilst it is apparent that his garage rock collaborations with the Black Lip’s Cole Alexander have rubbed off on ‘Surf’ and ‘I Don’t Want To Go Home’.

It is this swagger and dousing of garage rock that differentiates Harding’s refreshing and modern take on soul music from a dusty, battered old record lurking in a bargain bin.


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