There is a submerged, gloopy wonk to much of the tone found on ‘Strange Dreams’; the kind not at all dissimilar to that of Calder’s buddy Mac DeMarco (the pair played in Makeout Videotape together) or the idiosyncratic pop charm of Connan Mockasin. Muddy vocals hide behind echo and guitar fog as drums propel much of the songs, propping them up from disappearing into a quicksand of fuzzy atmosphere. Deerhunter man Lockett Pundt and his own project, Lotus Plaza, is another resemblance it feels impossible to ignore throughout the record.

Whilst Calder isn’t breaking through any barriers here or even really approaching un-trodden terrain, he has succeeded in capturing a playful and often absorbing record that toys with the constraints of pop music, primarily by burying hooks and vocal melodies so deeply under a mountain of ambience and watery guitar shimmer that they become barely audible. The results are a sort of druggy grog pop, fun and at times irresistible, although now feeling like a pretty well worn-out formula as we enter 2015.


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