After a three year break to pursue his day job in music photography, Frankfurt native Daniel Herrmann has returned to bring us another dose of techno inspired motorik. ‘Trans Atlantik’ follows Herrmann’s 2009 debut ‘Lösch dein Profil’ and – as on that album – continues to plough a furrow of classic ‘Deutsche Elektronische’. His music – which is heavily indebted to Krautrock – interpolates the undulating synths and electronic shudders of his forebears across a broad canvas flecked with modern dancefloor beats; crafting a disorienting landscape that feels concurrently familiar and yet otherworldly.

‘Trans Atlantik’’s twelve tracks range from somniferously industrial dirges (‘Höhenkammer’, ‘Musik aus Metall’) and driving polyrhythmic synth odysseys (‘Android’, ‘Zeitraffer’) to hypnotic charmers (‘Watch Me Grow’ and ‘Maler’). And while its monolithic run-time of 77 minutes makes it no album for the feint of heart, take the journey and you’ll discover an epic love letter to the sound that has shaped post-war Germany.


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