Such is the vastness of the shadow cast by Ariel Pink across today’s lo-fi weird pop landscape that it’s tempting to drop his name at the merest hint of a muffled snare hit. In the case of John Webster Adams, though, what might otherwise make for a hackneyed reference is in fact a legitimate talking point, since Adams – performing this time as Jack Name but previously under the guises of Muzz and Fictional Boys – used to record with one Ariel Marcus Rosenberg.

Certainly Adams seems to share his fellow Los Angelino’s penchant for effects-laden vocal obfuscation and whimsical self-indulgence, the latter of which manifests itself most obviously on ‘Waiting for Another Moon’ with its silly oom-pah rhythm and squelchy synth lines. That being said, the vibe of the pair’s output otherwise sharply diverges thanks to the drug-induced dystopian paranoia that pervades much else of ‘Weird Moons’. In contrast to Rosenberg’s skittishness, here Adams concertedly invokes flashbacks to a space-age acid trip that’s as wondrous as it is absolutely terrifying.