Sam Dust makes a return to music as he signs to Domino and releases a new track as ‘La Priest’. Listen to ‘Oino’ here


When the young, precocious Late of The Pier suddenly imploded shortly after the release of their debut album in 2008, many thought that they’d soon come to their senses and continue to ride the wave of good will that had always greeted their pre-MGMT cosmic pop project. They never did, going to ground, never to be heard from again.

Band leader (of sorts), Sam Dust, fled to Greenland, it seems, where he’s been “studying the effects of the Ivittuut region’s electro-magnetic phenomena on recorded sound, and producing more than five secret uncredited projects – some of which have already trickled out into the world to public acclaim.”

Now the reclusive musician is back to resurrect his La Priest moniker (which last released a 12″ on Erol Alkan‘s Phantasy Sound label in 2007). He’s signed a new deal with Domino, and has just shared his first track for them, ‘Oino’.