‘Supergroup’ is a wholly contemptible adjective that conjures up images of pseudo-masturbatory side-projects. But in an effort to buck that trend comes Future Brown – a pan-continental/pan-global collective of underground dance luminaries; comprising of LA duo Nguzunguzu, Kuwaiti born Al Qadiri and NYC based City Trax label boss J-Cush. And in keeping with such a diverse line-up, they’ve produced a debut that’s disengaged itself from the conventions of a single genre. So we get eleven tracks, each with the vocal talents of a different MC; ranging from Rap/R&B (‘Room 302’/’Vernaculo’), to Grime (‘Asbestos’), Reggaeton (‘No Apology’), Juke and Trap (‘Big Homie’ and ‘MVP’).

On paper, this might seem like a schizophrenic approach, but when it works it flashes with moments of dazzling brilliance.

The quartet’s taught minimalistic rhythms and dark capacious beats underpin a refreshing abundance of female MC’s amongst their exhaustive list of collaborators, with Tink, Timberlee and 3D Na’Tee turning in the album’s standout performances. Of course, some tracks are more successful than others and the constant shapeshifting can jar; ’Danger zone’ and ’Killing Time’ seem distinctly by-the-numbers. But that aside, it’s hard not to admire the audacity of a debut that has such bone-rattling, booty shaking ambition.


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