Massachusetts’ Speedy Ortiz are releasing their second album in a couple of months. Listen to the lead track from ‘Foil Deer’ here


We’ve been listening to ‘Foil Deer’ – the second album from Speedy Ortiz, which will be released via Carpark Records on April 20th – a lot this week.

It’s a record that Sadie Dupuis wrote at her mum’s place in the woods of Connecticut, and we wanted to share this lead track, as it’s a definite highlight of the wider record.

Of the album, Dupuis says:

“I gave up wasting mental energy on people didn’t have my back. Listening to our old records, I get the sense I was putting myself in horrible situations just to write sad songs. This music isn’t coming from a dark place, and without slipping into self-empowerment jargon, it feels stronger.”