Somehow, we’ve been doing this for 10 years now, so we’ve got a special issue coming out on Saturday to celebrate. It’s got a free board game in it!!!


During our extended, New Year break, Loud And Quiet turned 10.

A decade suddenly seems like a very long time to printing a monthly music magazine and giving it away, and we thought that we really should mark the occasion with a special issue, which if nothing else gave us a chance to work with illustrator Matt Johnstone, who has grouped together 30 past Loud And Quiet interviewees for our front cover.

What concerned us was how self-indulgent these kind of things can be, so hopefully we’ve achieved the balance of old an new that we set out for.

Here’s how our March 2015 issue breaks down, in stores and online from February 21st…

Anniversary content:

Did I Love 2005?: Rory Attwell remember’s his stupid year in Test-Icicles.

Modern History: Everything you need to know about the past decade.

Ink and Paper: A commemorative board game of chance.

An A-Z Guide to publishing a music magazine.

Best Bites: 10 Years of Party Wolf’s lies.

Our usual schtick:

Interviews with Matthew E. White, Cat’s Eyes, Tobias Jesso Jr., The Go-Betweens, Young Guv and new London DIY studio Sound Savers.

Although really an arbitrary number that seems more important because of the way it looks, 10 years really is a proud moment for us.

Thank you for continuing to read and care, and my extended huge gratification goes out to the wonderful contributors past and present.