The moniker of these Swedish folkies may suggest brash self-assurance, but bullies of humility they are not. Their third album floats gracefully with a hushed and courteous jangle for the most part, only occasionally baring its proggy, psych underbelly – an edge that nods to MBV, but ends up sounding like a Jools/Metallica collaboration that never should never have been (‘Fryshusfunk’). When they shoot for pacifying rather than mind obliterating, however, The Amazing warrant such billing.

The record’s title track is a dreamy Fleet Foxes-ish highlight, featuring hypnotically tinny strums at its climax that lick at the lobes like the waves of a gentle incoming tide (as opposed to roaring across the sand to decimate the beach huts à la Kevin Shields). This penchant for the light and airy continues almost seamlessly through to ‘Tell Them You Can’t Leave’, the standout which sounds how a Stuart Murdoch-fronted Real Estate might – glorious pastoral pop that sits snugly in the ears. Mostly majestic, ‘Picture You’ is as immersive as it is devotion worthy.


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