However you play it out, ‘Projections’ simply grooves. A debut that pays homage to vibrant African rhythms, jazz, funk, and soul, it’s a vindication of Archie Fairhurst revelling in his influences, and applying the cut’n’paste style of the collagist from whom he took his moniker. Opener ‘Nina’s Charm’ has a busy charisma with its playful handclaps and scampering hi-hat, ‘Work Song’ shifts from shuffling electronica to the Honky Tonk piano and wailing sax of a basement speakeasy, and ‘Motherless Child’ is a probing blend of soft electronica, off-beat percussion and a screeching hook. None of it should work but it’s curiously perfect, and the album’s standout track.

Elsewhere, there’s the lip-curling cool of the strutting ‘Prison Blues’, wheezing Moog goodness (‘The Drifter’ and ‘La Petite Mort’) and the summer anthem in-waiting (‘Rainbow’) but no track captures the groove quite like ‘Roots’. A dynamite clash of tribal percussion, mangled bass, Detroit spirit and an irrepressible house lick, it’s one of the reasons why ‘Projections’ is a contender for those end of year lists.


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