“After two albums of gorgeous, breezily lissom beach pop,” starts the press release that accompanies Tennis’s third LP. Let me suggest an accurate ending to that sentence: “…Tennis return with an album of breezily lissom beach pop.”

Bands with distinctive styles can find it tough to grow, and you don’t get many who are more deeply anchored in their sound than Tennis.

Legend goes that after selling their possessions, husband-wife duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley embarked upon a sailing trip that gave birth to their 2011 debut LP. With its elegant, nautical pop, the pair seemed to arrive with a sound that was as well-rounded as any band could hope for. But this can be a curse and ultimately they have found themselves repeating the trick since. This album is no exception and while ‘Ritual In Repeat’ is pleasant, so are comfortable shoes, well-manicured lawns and sparkling water.

Though Moore’s dazzling vocals save this record to an extent, Tennis must inject something new to avoid disappearing into indie pop’s Bermuda Triangle.


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