By all accounts Louisville-born musician Sean Schuster-Craig is also an artist in many and various fields, from collage to sculpture to murals. Musically active as Jib Kidder for over a decade, his latest album is forty-five minutes of dreamlike, sub-Beatles psychedelia, and that, in a nutshell, is about all you can say for ‘Teaspoon To The World’, an album which – even if you were listening to it higher than you’ve ever been – you’d still find it duller than repeatedly counting the same ten paperclips from your left hand to your right hand for several hours.

It’s a stunningly boring, thoroughly tedious collection of songs, musically plodding, lyrically predictable, and instantly disposable. The meandering, casually listenable vibes of the single ‘Dozens’ provide a brief respite from the thinness and monotony on show here, but that’s a desperate straw at which to grasp. To the ears of a deeply conservative listener in the mid 1960s this album might possibly have sounded far out; to modern ears, it’s about as psychedelic as a bank statement.


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