The influence of Built to Spill always radiated through much of Modest Mouse’s work and Krill are a group that strongly carry on that lineage of influence, except they perhaps sound closer to an amalgamation of the two bands rather than a direct continuation of one. Wiry, intense, sharp vocals that can shriek and pierce float above off-kilter guitar lines that weave and meld between pop sensibility and twitching experimentation.

Tempos vary greatly, going from slow-brooding jams with flashes and sparks of wild guitar to moments of propulsive explosiveness. There’s an enjoyable drag-you-along-with-it momentum to the record – at times feeling like a slightly heavier and grungier Ought – with yelps fitting in between sharp bursts of guitar and drums that hammer skins and cymbals with equal, unrelenting vigour. ‘A Distant Fist…’ speeds furiously towards the end, picking up some hell-for-leather pace as it screeches towards the finish line, until the closing ‘It Ends’, which slows things down once more. It never manages to fully shake off the feeling of the ’90s it has all over it, but it succeeds in bringing to life some of the more fun and immersive guitar music from that decade.


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