The name of this first album from noisy York threesome Fawn Spots stems from the idea that the security of youth is lost as soon as we’re thrown into the big, wide adult world. Fittingly, for the most part, listening to ‘From Safer Place’ is like being thrown headfirst into the choppy deep blue with a vexed Great White. Or, in the case of the shed-recorded LP’s most wildly erratic excursions (‘I’m Not a Man, I Never Will Be’, ‘Natural Vision’, ‘A Certain Pleasure’), it’s akin to being repeatedly clubbed around the face by Mike Tyson.

First single ‘New Sense’ kicks off the aural kicking, but there are flashes of hooks at play too, which hint at Fawn Spots’s lighter side, like the album’s title track, which indirectly nods to Joy Division’s dark eye for melody and adds an earworming refrain that happily co-exists with early Hüsker Dü. Elsewhere, Fawn Spots are a ringer for ¡Forward Russia! but with an extra injection of angst and the angular riffs replaced with a Fucked Up-like racket. It’s consistently abrasive stuff, but ‘From Safer Place’ is at times exhilarating.


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