With his 2014 debut – ‘Remembrance’ – still ringing in our ears, Suicideyear (aka nineteen year old Baton Rouge native James Prudhomme) seems to have wasted no time in releasing a follow-up. But ’Japan’ is no speedy sequel. It’s actually a re-packaged mixtape originally released in 2013, and will feel like familiar territory if you’re aware of his work on Yung Lean’s ‘Unknown Death 2002’.

While it lacks some of the subtlety, refinement and sanguine emotion of ‘Remembrance’, it makes up for that deficit with a disjointed, brooding malevolence. ‘Dropp’, the album’s highlight, reverberates with queasy menace, undulating quasi-religious organs see-sawing over skittering breaks, while tracks such as ‘Scarr’, ‘Hurry’ and ’Over’ simmer with gloomy, clamorous intent.

Prudhomme layers dense harmony, lush electro and Trap beats into a compelling work, which may not supply the same clarity of his more recent output, but remains a prodigious prequel. So if you’ve been sleeping on his career it’s time to wake up, because 2015 might just be Suicideyear’s…errr…year.