Errors’ willful shift from rumbling beats to casual, electro-pop connoisseurs has made them a model of brilliant consistency over the last five years, but they still endeavor to scrub up with every release.

Last album, ‘Have Some Faith In Magic’, confirmed their definitive step from the guitar-heavy bruisers of earlier, gloomier work, but here it’s as if that album’s opus, ‘Pleasure Palaces’, has been pulled apart to reveal a brave, neon world of big, shoulder-padded production and night drives with Johnny Jewel through Nicholas Winding Refn’s magnesium dreams. There’s widescreen patience to the sublime ‘Slow Rotor’, ‘Putman Caraibe’ is a few bars from accelerating into The Raccoons’ ‘Run with Us’, and ‘Genuflection’ is all ’80s chintz and disco glitz with rigid synth claps and squalling sax.

It lacks pulsating immediacy and jagged hooks, but gains Cecilia Stamp’s guest vocals, which add sweetness to the gilded-pop ambience usually found on Italians Do It Better. ‘Lease of Life’ is the sound of Errors in full electronic bloom.


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